What do Satellites and the Internet have to do with Downhole Gauges?

Now, with the Amerada Downhole Data Network (ADDN) you can monitor and retrieve Pressure, Temperature and Flows from anywhere in the World. Utilizing Satellite and Digital Telecommunication Technology with the World Wide Web allows the Real Time gathering of Data when you need it.

Data is retrieved in a format that is easily e-mailed or exported to other formats. All your Data needs can now be supplied and purchased directly from GRC through the Amerada Downhole Data Network, without the expense of purchasing and maintaining gauges. It only makes sense that GRC can maintain the Gauges needed to gather Data more efficiently than anyone because GRC is the Gauge manufacturer. So, why purchase and maintain costly equipment when all you really need is the data?

ADDN offers as much or little data as required. With ADDN choose what data is required and pay only for what is used. If Pressure and Temperature are all that is needed, then choose our Basic Service. However, if detailed information of what is happening downhole is required or at the well site then, choose our Expanded Service. ADDN's expanded service plan is easily customized for your exact needs. With our Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) data can be received for pressure, temperature, fluid flows, storage tanks levels, pump rod tension and even video from the well. GRC will install and maintain all equipment at the well site. Once the equipment is installed GRC will furnish data to your computer via the Internet, verify everything is working correctly and easily accessed through the Internet. Once this is completed you are ready to start receiving data from downhole or the well site whenever you need it.